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Satellite guided planter

The advantages of a satellite guided planter

Guide to Sat Nav guided planters

Grafted rootstock, half-stem and long-stem plants. Plant your supports. Plant traditional, half-stem and long-stem vines, with or without supports.

Plant potted plants. Save time. Eliminate the need to stake-out. (Plotting is made simple by the use of just 2 to 4 reference points, regardless of the size and shape of the field)

Quickly and easily plant out a plot of land with one or more angles.


Prepare for your machine guided plantation (to be filled out before planting)

Planting your vines with a satellite guided planter. Vines in pots Automatic slope regulation with 2 axis (double balance) for an exact transversal line. Planting in two directions is possible. (under certain conditions and preferably without supports) Installation of supports. (choose between a reinforced concrete support or an Alsace profile diameter 8cm – height 120cm).

Two qualified and efficient teams are available 6 days a week. Our team is made up of diligent professionals that will ensure you the best possible results.

The plantation will always go from one point to the other with up to 100 points per row.Any configuration is possible.

Use 4 reference points (the first and last plant of the first row, and the first and last plant of the final row).
Once the two outside rows have been plotted, simply programme in the number of rows required and the machine will space them exactly onto the surface. The spacing will depend on the number of rows.

Put the following points into the SAT NAV: 1 and 2, or 1, 2 and 3