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Jenny nursery, a local quality horticulture

Our passion for our work, coupled with 25 years of experience and the very best in equipment means that we can produce a wide selection of the very highest quality geraniums.

Whether they are to be planted in pots or planters, in borders or directly into the ground, our geraniums, petunias and perennials will embellish your parks and gardens with beauty and colour.

An Elsass Geranium cultivated by Pépinières Jenny provides our clients with :

  • A geranium production that adheres to strict standards throughout all stages of production and commercialisation.
  • Utilisation of reusable and bio-compostable pots (13cm diameter).
  • A minimum cultivation period of 10 weeks (at Pépinières Jenny, our geraniums are cultivated over 4 months, which allows the plant time to properly establish itself).
  • Utilisation of the best quality potting soil.
  • For our Elsass Geraniums, a registered mother stock is used for cuttings. For the rest of our production, we take our own cuttings, thus greatly reducing the need for transport and thereby minimising our carbon footprint.
  • Laboratory analysis of the plants and substrates guarantees the absence of pathogens and ensures that the fertilisation process is adequate for the needs of the plants.
  • Recording all production processes to ensure traceability.
  • An Integrated Farming approach (IF): IF uses biological controls to prevent pest infestations. The balance of the eco-system is maintained through the introduction of living auxiliary organisms that predate on the pests that would otherwise cause damage to the geranium plants. This approach also involves other protective measures (the sterilisation of pots, knives and other equipment). The practice of IF methods does not necessarily mean the implementation of organic farming; in certain cases the nursery is permitted to use chemical controls deemed to be compatible.

So, look no further and choose Pépinières Jenny, the geranium genie! We’re here to provide expert advice to help you to succeed in getting your garden blooming!

We produce single cascading geraniums, double cascading geraniums, semi cascading geraniums and zonal geraniums, scented and in a wide range of colours which flower abundantly from the beginning of May until the first frosts.

We are one of just twenty producers from Alsace that are engaged in the Elsass Geranium movement. In 2009, with the aim of promoting geranium cultivation, the Alsatian growers created the Fhloréal mark of quality.

In creating the Fhloréal mark of quality, the following criteria have been defined :

  • Consideration of evolutions in technology that promote sustainable development
  • Recognition of local production and the savoir-faire of the grower
  • Quality control
  • Promotion of short distribution channels

Pansies are produced in time for Autumn. Pansies thrive in a well-drained, neutral or alkaline soil, with plenty of organic matter.

We also stock trailing pansies in a large choice of colours as well as large-flowered pansies such as Alpha and Matrix, and small-flowered varieties such as Viola Callisto.

To compliment the pansies, we suggest adding callunas (heather) and chrysanthemums for All Saints’ Day.