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Our production

Production :

  • A plot of 3309 clone 144
  • A plot of trellised SO4 clone 762 producing an organic rootstock
  • A plot of trellised 34 EM clone 1032 that can be converted into organic production
  • A plot of Némadex Alain Boucquet (rootstock resistant to court-Noué certified in 2010). This field will pass into production in 2016.
  • A plot of Gravesac clone 264
  • A propagation of potted vines (Fertilpot and plastic pot)
  • We propagate 15 hectares of vines; grapes that we deliver to a cooperative. This direct and professional approach to wine production brings us a better understanding of the terrain and specific production goals, and therefore allows us to better serve the needs of our clients.
  • We also have a springtime production of geraniums, petunias and other popular flowering plants. In the autumn, we grow pansies and chrysanthemums, which allows us to capitalise on our assets.