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Vine plants

Our traditional soldered grafted plants

Pépinière Jenny makes many assemblies to offer you a vine plant that meets your expectations. In addition, our plants can also be made to measure.

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The choice of rootstock is important and must be determined based on several characteristics: lime resistance, root system, soil type or vigor.

Fortunately for you, Jenny Nursery will prepare a document listing her essential information.

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Clones are a genetic multiplication of a vine, they make it possible to select high quality disease resistant feet. Discover our different clones.

characteristics of graft clones

Clone features Riesling

Clone features Gewurztraminer

Clone features Alsaciens

Chardonnay Clone Characteristics

Clone features Pinot noir

Our half-stem plants

These plants are ideal for planting on the terrace, they are 50 cm long. They are widely used to make your replacements. The organic winemakers rarely use it frequently.

Our tall stem plants

They are widely used for replacing missing items. They are 80 centimeters long. Indeed, their large sizes allow them to be less competed by grass or weeds. They make protective nets or sleeves unnecessary. The training size of the foot is simplified, more depamprage.

 haute tige   plantation

It is a vine plant planted in a 1 liter plastic container. It has a strong rooting and allows for autumnal complantations.

It is a vine planted in a biodegradable pot and in the vineyard in early June. Depending on weather conditions, one or more water supplies may be required. It is also possible to carry out mechanical planting with potted plants. These plants are to be ordered from January to April for delivery in early June.