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My great grandfather, Adrien Tempe, was a winemaker that pioneered the restructuring of the vineyard after 1921, when phylloxera threatened the destruction of the vines.

Grafting varieties susceptible to the disease onto resistant rootstock has always been, and remains to this day, one of the most effective methods of combating phylloxera.

My grandparents, Mathilde and Charles Jenny took over the estate in 1947 and have continued to develop their skills and know-how.

Plant production has become the mainstay of the estate.

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Pépinière viticole
Our production

These plants are paraffin coated and are ready to plant. They are recommended for planting into new plantations.

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Satellite guided planter

Plant traditional, half-stem and long-stem vines, with or without supports.

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Vine plants

These plants are waxed ready to plant. This is the plant you use for your new plantings.

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Jenny nursery, a local quality horticulture

Our passion for our work, coupled with 25 years of experience and the very best in equipment means that we can produce a wide selection of the very highest quality geraniums.

Whether they are to be planted in pots or planters, in borders or directly into the ground, our geraniums, petunias and perennials will embellish your parks and gardens with beauty and colour.

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